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Newspaper Ads

How To Write Newspaper Advertising That Sells

One of the most misunderstood ways of advertising your product or service is the newspaper. Many of my clients have tried at one time or another to run ads in the newspaper without success.

The major reason I’ve seen as being the cause for failure is people are not reading the newspaper for ads, they read it for news. You might think that running in a services section of the paper or even the classifieds will solve the problem. Not always.

Another problem with newspaper ads is they are boring, no offer, no real reason to respond. The only reason someone would call off one of these ads (as well as the other service ads in there) is if they happen upon it and need that service. Although some do, most people will look in the yellow pages instead of the classified section.

So in order to make your ad pull in the newspaper, it should look more like a story or an article than an ad. Newspaper Ad Checklist:

  1. Use a telegraphic, attention getting, benefit driven headline. Learn about Headlines.
  2. Who are you? What are you doing where did you come from?
  3. Make your copy fit the style of the paper, font size, and type and column structure.
  4. Write the newspaper ad like it is a newspaper story.
  5. Make sure you include a specific call to action
  6. Why should I believe you? Credibility, experience
  7. Who say’s so? use as many testimonials as possible.
  8. Big Promise: example “your friends will swear you’ve bought new carpets”.
  9. Drama: Pictures before and after shot’s, or picture of you or happy clients.
  10. Guarantee(s): You pay only if your pleased or whatever, as long as it’s strong.
  11. Offer: Call me isn’t an offer. A free room or a free bottle of spotter or free audit is.
  12. Deadline: If you don’t have a deadline your newspaper advertisement isn’t complete.
  13. Alternate means of response: a less threatening way to get the sale eventually.

So in summary, newspaper advertising can be a strong part of your overall marketing plan as long as you remember people read the paper for news and information. Make your newspaper ad look like a story and you’ve increased your odds immeasurably.