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…learn the tips, tricks and brilliant ways of writing copy so compelling, the only question a client asks is…
where have you been all my life?

It’s hard to believe, but the words you choose and put into print have power. Incredible power. This book will teach you how to become intimately involved with that incredible power and able to use it to win over your audience.

Your responsibility is to use the secrets in this book to ethically sell more of your products and services, to craft marketing messages that get read and get clients to open up their fat wallets and hand over their cash or credit cards.

The best Copywriting books of all time 

I’ve read hundreds of books on Copywriting, Marketing, Advertising, and Selling. This one is right up there with the best of them.

Policci takes what he has learned and used throughout his career and shares his tips and insights in a straightforward, practical way that will be extremely helpful to newbies and experts alike.

Many successful copywriters refuse to share their secrets and “tricks of the trade,” but Policci deserves tremendous praise for holding nothing back in this must-have book for all business owners and copywriters.

Top copywriters and sharp business owners have long known of Policci and his skill. Now the world at large is introduced to one of the masters.

Bravo, Tony! Thank you!

Steve Sipress

What an amazing book you guys have put together! It’s like having a “Cliff’s Notes” version of all the greatest copy writing books ever written… all rolled up into one!

A virtual “cheat sheet” for anyone looking to learn how to become a world-class copywriter.

I cannot recommend this book enough to aspiring copywriters.

Peter Louis Kaczynski

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on the book
What you’ll

The Real Purpose Of Copy


Why Certain Fonts Matter


How To Create Desire


What The Most Important Element Of Any Copy Is


Why Testing Matters


Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Copywriting

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