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You’ve stumbled onto the first (and still one of the best) online resources for gaining FREE copy writing wisdom. My site will show you the crucial tips, tactics, and tools, to create your own result producing direct response copy.

You’ll learn timeless “copywriting secrets” here and the latest and greatest — ALL tested and proven to work!

Who Am I?

My name is Tony Stark Policci. Back in the late 1990’s I was dubbed the world’s most conscientious copywriter. Over the years I’ve made my living as a direct response marketer, strategist, and copywriter. By last count, my copywriting and marketing promotions have produced over 557 MILLION dollars in results for my clients. Results are all that matter, and results are measured in dollars of profit.

Anyhoo, my site will show you how to get results too! You’ll see how to do that by combining simple but innovative marketing strategies with the right words.

Do I Look Famous to You?

You may have seen me somewhere OTHER than those popularly attended marketing events. You see, I got my start in marketing as an actor. My goal was to use direct response copy and marketing techniques to get an edge in a very competitive business. It worked and I was making a great living as an actor until I had to shift my focus to be a dad.

Around the same time I had the chance to become a co-creator of Piranha Marketing Inc., along with my younger brother Joe Polish. We forged Piranha into an international phenomena that has only grown bigger and more successful. In fact, from those humble beginnings Joe went on to create many successful ventures the most well know of which is his Genius Network.  Some people ask me why I left to become the CEO of my own company. The answer is simple. At the time, my family needed me more than Joe did.

However, in the early years, I had the great privilege of working with legendary marketers and copywriters. That has given me far greater freedom and opportunity than most copywriters to put my ideas to conclusive tests – and to see whether or not they really work.

But enough about me…let’s talk about you!

On this web site you’ll discover how to write copy that is clear, concise when necessary, compelling and credible. I’ll also show you a mouth watering collection of Absolutely Brilliant Concepts to supercharge your marketing!

“Delivering Innovative, No-Nonsense Tips (to Help You Write AMAZING Copy) is THE Reason I Created This Website”


Here’s What My Site Will Show You:

    • How to Increase Your Response to Any Ad, Direct Mail or Online Marketing Promotion.
    • How to Sell More of Your Product or Service
    • How to Use Absolutely Brilliant Concepts (and specific marketing and copy writing secrets) that – Grab Attention, Create Interest, Cause Desire and Compel People to Take Action…

“Your Time Here Will turn YOU – Into YOUR Own Guru”

Be Sure To Check Out My FREE HELP Section. (Labels ‘Copywriting Help” up top or on your left). There’s Topic Specific Sections, Jam Packed With Powerful Secrets on Marketing, Advertising, Direct Marketing, and Copy writing.

When you start looking through all the examples I’ve provided in the KILLER SAMPLES sections, you might want even more. If so, I suggest you sign up for my copy writing newsletter too.

Why subscribe to yet another E-Letter?

Excellent question!

Because in my copy writing newsletter, I actually send you INFO – not PITCHES in disguise!

I mean let’s be honest here, there’s hardly any difference between most of the other guru’s newsletters and the daily, unrelenting onslaught of spam.

If you’re sick of having your email box flooded with useless newsletters…then READ something useful…read Tony Policci’s FREE copy writing newsletter. My newsletter is a no-nonsense labor of love, bursting with killer copywriting tips and tactics™.

I promise my newsletter is completely different. I usually send it out once a month, and unlike 99% of those other “marketing guru’s” (who send out one silly pitch after another with nary a useful piece of information to be found)…I strive to give you super productive copy-writing and marketing tips in every issue, and deliver those copywriting tips without wasting your time or boring you.

So give it a try. Sign up for my Free Copy Writing Tips Newsletter now…you won’t be disappointed with my Free Copy-writing Tips Newsletter.

Enjoy my site, and God Bless your efforts!

Tony Policci

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