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Averaging $10,000 A Month In Sales!

“The Web sales letter you wrote for me is averaging about $10,000 a month in sales. So, yes, I’d say the $2200 I paid you to write it was worth it. (Grin) Thanks a million Tony” –ACN Inc. Ron Malezis, President and CEO, Timing and Positioning Elizabethton, TN (More on Ron here: )

I Was At A Loss Until I Found Tony Policci

“Since the ‘Copy Dr.’ retired a few years ago I’ve been at a loss to find a great DR copywriter. Then I found Mr. Policci. Not only does his writing live up to his company name, (Absolutely Brilliant) but his advice and personality make him top notch in my book. I’ve even included an entire chapter I paid him to write in my book ‘The 10-Minute Marketer’s secret formula’. The only negative thing I can say about Tony is he refuses to move to Palm Beach and work for me exclusively!!!   – Tom Feltenstein, Power Marketing Academy / Neighborhood Marketing Institute, Palm Beach FL.

A Six-Thousand Percent Increase!

“The sales letter and two stage campaign you designed for the Oct/Nov Planet Muscle magazine blew me away. While I’m sure generating $50K in sales is low for you, it was SIX-THOUSAND PERCENT higher than anything else we ever had done from that publication before. Incredible!  –Roger Riedinger, President Beverly International

I Will Leave My Competition In The Dust

“Tony, I was sure that what you would do for me would be good, but I never imagined it would be THIS good! From the business cards to the brochure to the new copy for my site, this will literally leave my competition in the dust! God Bless you!”–Carlton Pruitt, CEO, Action E-Z Haul Los Angeles, CA

Over 1000 New Customers In Only 4 Months!

“The sales letter you wrote has been pulling a consistent 27% response and I’ve added over 1000 new customers to my VIP dining club in less than 4 months. Awesome!”– Ron Yee, Owner Chopstixx Restaurants, Phoenix, AZ  (Note: After three successful years and opening additional locations, Ron Yee sold his Chopstixx restaurants and the new owner refused to use the same principles, service standards and marketing strategies…he went out of business in 3-months!)

A Tremendous Response

“I just wanted to write and let you know how well the entire promotion you created for my fall line has been going. We had tremendous turnouts at both the New York and Chicago shows. I’ve added 7 news stores as clients and have at least 12 more who will probably be clients in the next 30 days. Everyone I talk to tells me how my letter and banners caught their attention. That’s a direct compliment to you and your creative wordsmith skills!”  – Dana Bland, CEO Dana Designs, USA

We Are The Talk of The Town

Tony, we have had multiple solicitations from the press release…things are going well.  We have signed up over 160 members, had the union newsletter of the largest employer run a small ad in their weekly newsletter for no charge, I am speaking to a group of local business leaders on fitness and its impact on safety records, and we are told by visitors that we are the talk of the town. Your copyrighting skills have really helped! Thanks for checking up on us!– Beth Turner, Freedom Fitness,

At A Loss For Words

“Tony – all I can say is that you $%*#ing ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like how you work and how you think :-) Every piece you finalize for me is awesome, word for word I always love it:-))))))))))))) – Dean Graziosi, Best Selling Author of “Think A Little Differently” and “Be A Real Estate Millionaire”

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