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About this Tony (Stark) Policci guy…


Maybe you’ve never heard of me? (For years, I kinda liked it that way).

But since you’re here now,  I suppose I better give you the standard introduction stuff and tell you a little about how came to be.

First of all, “Policci” is not my birth name. And how I added “Stark” on top of that is another story. Way back when the stork brought me to my parents, the family name I had attached to me was “Polish” and you might recognize that name as it is a bit more famous in direct response marketing circles.

Indeed, my marketing story started in 1994 at Piranha Marketing, along with my little brother Joe Polish. Yes, we really are brothers…I’m just better looking.

 So why do I have a different name?

The Polish Family

From left to right, Tony, Frank, Virginia and Joe. This is one of the only family pictures that has survived. It wasn’t too long after this that we lost our mom to cancer.

Well, when I was 14-years old, I heard an awesome story from my aunt about how our original Italian name was changed at Ellis Island. I decided right then and there that one day I was gonna take my name back.

So when I was twenty-one, I changed my last name back to our immigrant name…BUT, I used a phonetic spelling to make it easier to say. (Guess what, people still screw it up say it right, it’s Po-lee-Chee).

Anyhoo…back to the whole story with Joe and Piranha Marketing.

I came in to the company with Joe and Eunice a few months after he had started it. It was a hot mess in there.

I didn’t know crap about marketing at the time…well, okay, maybe I knew a little bit. But I came in at first to just organize things. We were in these super-cool little train cars that had been converted into offices in Tempe.

I’d spend all day organizing stuff, listening to marketing tapes and pretty soon, I was hooked! I remember attending my first Dan Kennedy Super Conference in 1995 and it was like my eyes were opened to a whole new life. The marketing bug bit me and I’ve never recovered.

Together Joe, Eunice and I, along with some other folks who helped on the journey, created a company that is now near legendary in direct response marketing circles.

While helping to build Piranha, Joe and I studied and worked with brilliant men and women; Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Lee Milteer, Pamela Yellen, Heather Walsh Krueger, Joseph Sugarman, and too many more to count.

We created great stuff, put on powerful boot camps and our worked changed the lives of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In 2000 I chose to leave my position as VP of Piranha and go out on my own. It was a tough choice, but I had things going on in my personal life that demanded my attention. I could not give my family the focus it needed and juggle the demanding schedule I maintained at Piranha.  So, I took the skills and innovation I had been using with Joe and scaled down to be a full-time dad and a part time marketer and copywriter.

Now, many years later, my client list reads like a “who’s-who” of superstars, successful companies, gurus & entrepreneurs. Heck, I even have a team of copywriters called “The Copy Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Marketing Messengers.

My specialty is creating strategic marketing and compelling messages that get results. I love to create super-smart marketing and write control crushing copy for my clients that solves the “pain” and “problems” of their market. Nothing make me as happy as giving people the results they want.

So, where do you need great marketing and copy?

  1. Sales letters or Sales Pages
  2. Scripts online, offline, radio or TV
  3. Landing pages, squeeze pages, opt in pages
  4. Product or program development
  5. Webinars, Seminars
  6. Print ads, direct mail
  7. Product launches, funnels,

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