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I’ve built this site to give you a giant jumpstart to greater success in your marketing and copywriting efforts. My Free Copywriting Help section will help you “get smarter and do better.” But my real business is more than just writing copy. Here’s a snapshot of what I can do for you:

Copywriting and Marketing Consulting Services

I focus on finding ways for you to improve what you are doing. Even if it means eliminating what you are doing and starting over. I’ve developed a proprietary method of determining exactly what will work and what won’t work that I apply to your unique situation.

My definition of marketing is everything you do to create an opportunity for someone to buy from you. In my 12 plus years in the “marketing game” field, I’ve developed a proprietary method of shaping exactly what will work and what won’t work for each of my clients.

I apply the same time tested principles of effective marketing and selling to every client’s unique situation. Together we will focus on finding ways for you to improve what you are already doing, and wherever possible, create systems for you that will help make the day-to-day operations of marketing your business less hassle and more fun.

You want to turn every call, every contact, between anyone in your company and a prospect into a marketing and promotion opportunity. I can help show you how to do that and make sure you can carry it out! Plus – we start right where you are now. I won’t give you a bunch of nonsense about, “buying this or investing in that” before we can get started. Whatever you have in place that makes sense, we’ll improve whenever possible. The things that you are not doing that could and should be done, I’ll identify and walk you through it as best as I can. The results will be measurable increases in profits!

I can provide simple, “how-to information” or create systematic marketing plans, even facilitate the implementation. I’m here to help you ‘get’ what you want. To make your investment in me a means of increasing your revenue by MASSIVE leaps! Your success is the focus of my efforts.

If you are ready to benefit from my Services, please call to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation at 480-809-2992. Or eMail Me We will talk about the services I can provide for you.


Tony Policci

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