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I’ve built this site to give you a giant jumpstart to greater success in your marketing and copywriting efforts. My Free Copywriting Help section will help you “get smarter and do better.”

If you want to benefit from my Copywriting Services, please call to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation at 480-809-2992 – or email me. My copywriting services will help you maximize your marketing efforts. Here’s a snapshot of what I can do for you:

Professional Copywriting Services

Whether it’s a simple space ad, a full-page advertisement or sizzling copy for the web, I zero in on your ultimate goal for the copy and construct it with laser like precision. I target the message to the audience, and create copy that is compelling and gets results.

I have the ability and the know-how to tell a story, capture an image, and give the facts — sometimes, all in one sentence. From print ads to brochures to radio spots, your message will be conveyed in a powerful yet vibrant style that will surprise and delight your target market.

I have been fortunate to have written ads and sales pieces that produced multi-million dollar sales for my clients. (See attached list). If I write anything for you, the message will be clear and communicate in a powerful, vibrant style exactly what is necessary to compel your target market to take action (i.e. pull out their wallet and spend their money with you).

Here is a Partial List of What I Can Create for You

  1. Broadcast Copy (radio and TV)
  2. Web copy and Internet advertising
  3. SEO Copywriting
  4. Direct mail
  5. Brochures
  6. Newsletters
  7. Sales letters
  8. Catalogs
  9. Video scripts
  10. Product, program, or company name development
  11. Taglines and slogans
  12. Speeches
  13. Instruction manuals 
  14. Print ads – including magazine, yellow pages, and newspaper (I’ve created well over3000 successful ads in these categories.)



Tony Policci

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