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What about Creating Your Own Weekly Column?

To do a newspaper column, you need to give the newspaper people overwhelming reasons why their readers would want to have the information you can provide.

For example, if you are in a service business that has a bunch of disreputable individuals running scams on customers, that their readers need to have information because there is so much scamming going on out there.

And you will offer a free report on “How To Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of When ______” to everyone who sends in a question for you to answer in the column and then once every couple of months you can give away maybe a free _________ to someone from a drawing of the names of people who’ve submitted questions.

This can be done as a courtesy from the newspaper so they get to look like shining stars too! The column should be a format where you answer questions.

Like the following example for carpet cleaning:

Low Price Carpet Cleaning. Is It Really A Deal?

This weeks question comes from Jodi Jones who wins a free, and is entered into our drawing for a free with this question. “Can I really get my carpets cleaned for $4.95 per room” or whatever the local low price gimmick is in your area. (Then you explain) It would be nice if these were true but it really isn’t. The chemicals and equipment required to clean even one room of carpet cost about $19.73 that doesn’t even take into account the labor of the technician. Companies that offer low prices like this either do not do through cleaning, skimp on the chemicals required to clean a carpet properly, or in worst cases (and most cases) bait you with a low price to get into your home and then switch you to a higher priced job once inside using sleazy high pressure sales techniques. Before you fall for one of these low price deals make sure the company offers a no-risk guarantee. And promises to give you a firm quote in writing. In my company I offer a free carpet analysis, which gives you a ton of information on how to properly care for your carpet and there is never any cost or obligation for this service. Plus if you ever have work done by my company you get a firm quote in writing before I begin. Plus, I guarantee your delight 100%. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with my cleaning you don’t pay. That’s the way I do business and I suggest you seek the same when choosing a carpet cleaner. Till next time, this is Dwayne saying, ” A clean carpet is a healthy carpet. Call me to get yours” at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

This is one way to not only drive customers to you but to build immense credibility.