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The Right Way To Profit From Flyers and Door Hangers

The Thrifty Way To Building A Profitable Business

One very powerful and inexpensive strategy is using flyers and door hangers. The problem is that flyers probably got their name for what happens to them after you put them out, they go flying down the street, or worse yet, get thrown away.

I can’t help you with forces of nature, but I can tell you how to create a flyer that has a 200% better chance of being read.

Here are the elements of a good flyers and door hangers:

  1. Powerful attention getting, benefit driven headline – You’ve got about three seconds from doorway to crumpled up piece of trash. Make sure you have a very visible headline that will stop them cold. Remember, they may have had a very bad day and this paper in their door jam may be the icing on their misery cake. Make the headline exciting for them.
  2. Make the copy exciting for them – people do look at door hangers, they have to take them off and rip them up right! Well, all a savvy marketer like you needs is a few seconds. The headline is crucial, then pull them in with copy that speaks to their selfish greed or desires.
  3. Write it like an article, not a billboard- most flyers are like mini billboards, they don’t say enough. The shear act of making it look like an article that is important is often enough to get the prospect to stop and pay attention.
  4. Consider making an offer for FREE information – rather than trying to sell directly from the flyer, if you offer a product or service that is in a very competitive industry, carpet cleaning for example. These industries are constantly putting out flyers and door hangers to sell their services; take a different approach.
  5. Offer a guarantee and a deadline– you have to make the prospect feel like this is a no-lose decision for them. And you want them to take action now.

You can see samples of flyers in my examples section.

Here are some ideas on distributing the flyers.

Go into your Yellow Pages. Look under Distribution-Flyers, Circulars, Samples. If you live in a large city or town, you should find a number of companies to choose from.

You can use a service to deliver the flyers right to the door for you. It costs around 3 cents per piece. This in turn saves you considerable time. It costs you 30 dollars per 1000 flyers. If the time you would take to deliver 1000 flyers personally is worth more than $30, it makes sense to hire a company to do the walking for you.

Now, if you don’t have such a service in you town or city, then hire someone to do it for you. The trick here is to find other advertisers that want the same area hit, to piggyback with you. Charge them 3 cents per piece. Pay your carrier two cents and keep one for yourself. Two piggybacks and your distribution costs become nil. Some companies insert the flyers into a small plastic bag, which can then be hung on the doorknobs or left on the front step.