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Creating Powerful Guarantees

Your Guarantee Will Make Or Break You!

Guarantees are far too underused. You have to eliminate the risk from the prospect if you want to sell more. A guarantee is the easiest way to remove risk. When you use a powerful guarantee, you assume the buyers risk. You add trust and credibility, so you get more sales.

Frankly, if you can’t offer some type of guarantee on your product or service you probably ought to rethink your role as a businessperson.

Guarantees Are Important?

When all else is equal, he who has the strongest guarantee wins! If you have no guarantee, you will always lose sales to competitors with guarantees.

How do you write your guarantee?

You must decide what you are willing to do for the customer or client if they are not happy. This is the basis for your guarantee. You can replace the product, substitute another product or service, give their money back, etc. The options for your guarantee are limitless

What ever you decide to do, the most crucial element of a guarantee is to reverse the risk. Once you take the fear out of doing business with you, you’ve eliminated a major stumbling block from a person’s ability to buy from you.

Here is an example of a great guarantee on a fictitious product:

You Get Our Better-Than-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee:

Try “super stinker” perfume for a month. Wear it during your daily activities and on special occasions.

If you don’t see the amazing results… get compliments from total strangers… get more attention than ever before from your spouse or love interest… if you don’t think this is a terrific “plus” to your personal image, anytime within 30 days return any unused perfume for a full refund plus $5 “penalty money” out of our pocket for your inconvenience.

For the specific target prospect interested in buying this fictitious product, that’s a very strong guarantee.

Now let’s look at a guarantee I wrote for a real client:

You are protected by our NO-NONSENSE
100% Total, Money Back Guarantee!

In other words…our nutritional supplements WILL do what they are designed to do. You WILL SEE RESULTS and they won’t be hard to identify. But, in the unlikely event that our tested and proven supplements don’t deliver results for you…we’ll give you back your money!

This guarantee applies to every supplement. That’s right! You’ll NEVER even risk losing a dime with us.  We wouldn’t offer a guarantee like this unless we were completely confident that you’d be astounded by your results with our supplements. We’ll take the risk so you can focus on your goals.

See what you can do to reverse the risk and guarantee your product or service.