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Teaser Copy

The Secrets Of Using Teaser Copy To Double The Response To Your Sales Efforts

The definition of teaser copy has been typically “words printed on the outside of an envelope that interest the recipient enough to open the letter.” The main purpose of sending a letter is to make a sale, of course that won’t happen unless it gets opened and read.

I see the term teaser copy to have more applications nowadays. Especially if you’re using some type of e-marketing. So keep in mind that the primary use of teaser copy may not be the only application.

Teaser copy can help you increase the response to your mailings or it can hurt the response. The debate is one that has gone on for years in the marketing community and probably will continue. If you are trying to send a personalized letter, teaser copy can be a bad idea. But if you are using bulk mail or are going out to a list of current clients or previously mailed prospects, it can be very beneficial. The only answer is to test it.

If you plan to use teaser copy remember it must be so powerful that the recipient feels compelled to tear open the envelope, not throw it away assuming he is not interested in the contents.

Teaser copy can be a few words:

“Here’s the FREE Information you requested”

Or a combination of a headline and a statement:

“Stop Trying To Lose Weight The Hard Way”

“Announcing the Instant Weight Loss System”

“Save 87% of the time you’d waste on other programs”

“And you’ll look better in 30 days guaranteed!”

“Free sample Enclosed. Open Immediately”

The process of creating the teaser copy involves finding the real benefits in your product or service and turning them into statements that will create massive interest in your audience. So ask yourself, “Why would someone be interested in this? What benefit will it bring them that they just can’t do without? How can this be worth their time?”

Once you answer those questions, you’ll be on your way to creating a killer teaser.