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Secrets To Creating Sizzling Sales Letters

There are two types of sales letters —those that sell and those that don’t. It sounds obvious doesn’t it? Well the truth is that most people don’t have a clue about the difference.

The best method for writing sales letters is called “direct response”. Which means that you are asking for the reader to take a specific action as a result of reading your letter. That could be to place an order or to request additional information or even a free sample or demo. Whatever the action you desire, direct response is the most effective method bar none!

The other types of sales letters are commonly referred to as institutional or image style. They are the equivalent of a billboard. They may announce a product or service to the reader, but really don’t compel them to do anything. Unless you have a bunch of money to throw down a black hole trying to get people to figure out what to do on their own, I suggest you avoid this altogether.

The Top Ten Elements Of A Good Sales Letter

There are essential elements to an effective sales letter. Here are the basics

  1. Good Sales letters have Compelling Headlines
  2. A Powerful first sentence convinces people to read your sales letter.
  3. Write conversationally (like you talk) in your sales letters. A conversational is easier to read.
  4. A good sales letter talks about what’s important to your target audience
  5. State a problem they may be having and a solution
  6. Don’t use hype in your sales letters
  7. Always use testimonials to add credibility to your sales message.
  8. Make an irresistible offer
  9. Offer a guarantee
  10. Put a time limit on the offer

You can see a sample of a letter like this in my examples of killer copy section. The most important thing is to make your letter interesting, not boring. Don’t write “stuffy”(boring-straight laced) and don’t write too “puffy’ (too many adjectives-hype).