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Any of you over 40 surely remember those big brown envelopes with hundreds of  colorful “lick and stick” stamps for ordering magazines. Yes, I’m referring to the legendary Publishers Clearing House (PCH) campaigns.

The collateral inside promised the opportunity that Ed McMahon might show up at your door with a prize patrol and a big fat check. It was one of the earliest examples of engagement marketing and reciprocity that I can remember.

As media continues to shift from traditional forms to digital, countless brands face disruption. PCH doesn’t want to be a victim of this, so the sweepstakes marketing company is spreading out into the digital realm with new ferocity.

PCH has done a phenomenal job of taking that concept into the online space. With a relentless email system and engagement mechanisms, they have migrated their direct mail success of yesteryear into a formidable digital business that will make some serious acquisitions in the online and mobile sectors.

The digital businesses are generating a HUGE percentage of revenues these days, and it is the biggest focus of the company’s marketing efforts. About half of the repeat traffic they have to their online campaigns, games, sweeps, etc. is from mobile. Now they want more.

Whew. I think I’ve used enough $5 words in this so far, so let’s break it down. Have you seen what PCH is doing lately? If not, there’s a thing or two you could learn from taking a look.