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Powerful Order Forms

How To Create Order Forms So Powerful They Sell All By Themselves

The order form, order card or order page (on a web site) is a crucial element to the entire copy writing process.

In fact, screw up the order card and you screw up the entire marketing process. After all, if you fail to close the sale, any of your brilliant efforts up to that point have been in vain.

Ideally, nobody would read your order form until they read the rest of the sales letter. In the real world many people skip right to the order form. So plan your order form as if that would be the only thing your prospect reads.

Order Forms Are Vital

Here are the steps to writing order forms that sell:

  1. Create the order form as if it were the only thing used to sell the product. As if the prospect were getting no other sales material with it.
  2. Make the copy exciting, you must fill the order card with the enthusiasm that the product or service will provide for the customer.
  3. Clearly restate your offer on the order form.
  4. Your Order form must have a headline.
  5. Restate the main benefit of the product or service.
  6. Include a strong guarantee on the order form.
  7. Add a picture of the product or a person if appropriate.
  8. When mailing use a different color paper on the order form so it stands out from the rest of the letter.

Spend Time On Your Order Form

You should spend as much time and care on your order forms as your sales letter. Your order form is a call to action. It’s the last step a prospect makes when purchasing. Make it an easy step.